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This weekend I cleaned my throttle body. Items you will need: 10mm socket/wrench, rags, flat-head screwdriver,wire,wire cutters, Throttle body... If you damage the MAF, it will be several hundred for a new one. This is the throttle body to be cleaned, inside it. On to cleaning the throttle body: I lay a...Note: Use real throttle body cleaner because other cleaners like engine cleaner can harm the rubber seals and stuff in there. (note: while testing, your miata wont run without the air intake tube attached) Skunk2 Mazda Miata NB 1.8L 64mm Billet Throttle Body. Regular price $254.99 Sold Out. 1990-1993 Mazda Miata NA6 1.6 ACT 4 Puck Clutch Kit. Regular price $437.00 ... -Wiring 1.8 Dohc siap ecu 6123 dan airflow RM1200-Engine complete 1.8 Dohc siap gearbox RM5000 ( Ada surat kastam)-Dashboard Lancer Manual Aircond RM650-Rim Original SSR Type C 15,5lubang RM2500-Disc Depan belakang Evo RM1000-Piping intercooler siap intercooler evo3 RM350-Gearbox 221 (1.6) RM980-Transplant belakang satria RM400