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Excel Tips Excel Hacks Computer Help Computer Programming Computer Tips Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Computer Shortcut Keys Keyboard Shortcuts Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Arrow Key Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl Combination Ctrl + Arrow Key Hold the Ctrl key and press Arrow Key Action: Moves to the edge of the cuttent data region in a worksheet. User Guide - Keyboard Shortcuts 30 June, 2017 Ctrl+Shift+TAdd a Tagged Value to an element. Ctrl+J Set cross references to other elements and diagrams. Ctrl+Shift+E or F4Configure an element's default appearance. Alt+Z Automatically size selected elements. Ctrl+Shift+WSelect an alternative image for an element. F2 Edit the selected property value. Dec 27, 2020 · Disclaimer : I just copied those shortcuts from Jupyter Menú > Help > Keyboard Shortcuts, I didn't wrote them myself. Check your current shortcuts in your Help, shortcuts coule have been modified by extensions or your past self. Toc Keyboard shortcuts. The IPython Notebook has two different keyboard input modes.