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ac clutch engages when i turn the air on, but doesnt cycle off. if i turn the air off, then it disengages as it should. the AC light never comes on. i just refilled it last year and fixed a leak. relay is good. dont know how to test 3 wire pressure switch Turn on your hose and point the nozzle into the overflow bottle. If you have an older car, you’ll need to point the nozzle directly into the radiator. You don’t need a hard flow from the hose, just enough to make sure you replace the coolant coming out of the drain plug of the radiator. Help! I have searched on here and it seems there was an issue with the amplifier, which in turn turns the radio off. Mine switches off whenever it feels like it, sometimes after 2-3seconds, other times a couple of minutes, up to 10-15mins. To get the radio back on I have to turn it off and...