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She saves 1 gallon per 100 miles, whereas the second saves 0.667 gallons per 100 miles. This can be demonstrated graphically as well. Let us start with a 20 MPG car and consider how much fuel is saved per 100 miles as we improve the fuel efficiency of the car. The savings per 100 miles for all fuel efficiencies up to 50 MPG are shown below. Calculating MPG. In this time of fluctuating gas prices, learning how to calculate miles per gallon can help you budget your gas expenses for the month. When you combine your miles per gallon with the average amount of driving you do in a week or month, you’ll have a pretty good idea how much money you spend on gas. Aug 01, 2017 · Table 1 reports the means in our sample (and, when publicly available, the means in Ohio, and the United States) of drivers' average monthly VMT, the components of the price of driving one mile, vehicle miles per gallon and the local price of a gallon of gasoline, the percentage of older vehicles, average annual income, and the percentage of the county population in an urban area. 15 Most of ...