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CVV2 / CVC2 No Match – May indicate a problem with the card. Contact the cardholder to verify the CVV2 code before completing the transaction, even if the authorization request was approved. P: Not Processed - Indicates that the expiration date was not provided with the request, or that the card does not have a valid CVV2 code. A CVV2 number is the three last digits located on the back of a credit card, or the four stand-alone digits on the front of an Amex card. It's certainly very useful for further minimizing fraud, but fraudsters can get hold of this information, so again, don't rely on this alone. Fraud screening really needs to be approached holistically. Other features include a loaded chamber indicator and a grip safety that immediately readies the gun for action yet renders it virtually incapable of firing if dropped. The width of the grip is a mere .975", and the Mod.2 grip texturing gives the operator a solid feel and secure hold of the pistol - especially important in defensive encounters.