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David Goldberg is a theoretical cosmologist and professor of physics at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is the author, with Jeff Blomquist, of A User’s Guide to the Universe: Surviving the Perils of Black Holes, Time Paradoxes, and Quantum Uncertainty ( ) . Go through all the receipts and statements gathered to prepare taxes and get a better understanding of where the money went last year. Track everything. Be as specific as possible, and don’t forget to account for the cost of a latte on the way to the office each day. Projecting Expenses Forward. Knowing how much was spent per budget Jan 19, 2004 · An affable, relaxed de Mol was in Los Angeles last week to pitch another slew of projects from Endemol USA, the offshoot company led by David Goldberg, Endemol, despite Telefonica's uncertainty, boasts 30 offshoots in 26 countries. America is in it's final battle. Spread and share this link with everyone you know and Trump! Hostile Takeover | 29 Views. 00:15:00 ...