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Oct 28, 2015 · 1. Mass of the ball 2. Size of the ball 3. The density of the ball 4. Type of ball 5. Length of the ramp 6. Type of ramp 7. The thickness of the ramp Other controls that you can consider also is the environment. Wind can also affect the ball that is being rolled. When the ball rolls down the ramp, the speed accelerates;increases; 5.)Do balls of different mass have different accelerations? The mass of the ball does not affect the acceleration because it has the same incline. 3.1.2. Figure 1 3.2 Analysis. The results show that when the ramp is higher (50cm) the car went fasterdown the slope at (3.1m/s). This is because gravity is pulling the car straight down andfriction is pulling the car back up the ramp, opposite to direction ofmotion.