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ducktales dt 17 ducktales 2017 lena de spell Webby Vanderquack Dewey Duck weblena debbigal parks and rec deweyxwebbyxlena fan art my art ask 119 notes Jun 12th, 2019 So yes this group is for all crossovers of Duck Tales, and if the reboot is as good as the original then I can guarantee that there will be some soon. Besides would it be amazing to see both Twilight Sparkle and Scrooge McDuck in the same place, or maybe Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and the CMC plus Spike? The Debbigail fandom is full of great artists and many fanfiction writers on WattPad, Tumblr, YouTube and many more! Fandom Edit. TBA. Trivia Edit. Although Loubby (Louie Duck x Webby Vanderquack) is common, Debbigail by far more popular. Dewey and Webby are seen to have interacted the most and assumingly share the closest bond out of the triplets.