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SAP books from the official SAP publisher: SAP HANA, SAP programming, SAP FICO, and more. The only place for SAP PRESS e-books! Russian Payroll is very complex and difficult in SAP ERP HCM, like in US Payroll , so before its implementation, I strongly advise to find a Russian consultants in order to evaluate realization and real terms of implementation. To understand the depth of the problem look at the scheme RUS0.SRM Purchase Order 2001531637 Created by Bruce Schabdach 06/13/2012 date Document Overview On SRM Purchase Order Select Document Pur. Order @ pur. Order Purch. Requsrtion Print Preview Messages Personal Setting Doc. 1022818 AMERICAS REMOTE HE ¥1 2001531637 vendor 2002540933 su»ort PO Quantity s, 000. 29, 700. Curre 1.00 sn 1.00 sn O C Date You calculate the planned delivery time to ensure that the planned delivery time in the purchasing info record and in the master data for the article site combination agrees with the scheduling result of seasonal procurement. SAP F&R uses the planned delivery time in the forecast and then the purchase order in SAP ECC.