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Norinco model 213 review
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Product Description. Commercial Truck and Trailer shocks designed as a direct replacement for OE shocks – delivering unbeatable ride comfort, control, and performance. The Peterbilt 389 embodies the Peterbilt heritage and merges it with a proven design to create a legendary classic for vocational applications. The lightweight, all-aluminum cab with lap seam construction, aircraft grade fasteners and bulkhead style doors is legendary for its durability. Automann TRK5904, Dayton Parts 334-814, Dayton Parts 334-814U, Dyco D506KIT, Euclid E-7840, Flagg PB44, Gaff 12362, Peterbilt 03AL02, Peterbilt 03AL2, Peterbilt 03-01675, Peterbilt 03-05101 Folding No Cover Included Low Air Leaf Bushing KitDTF17-1. 1 pc torque rod w/bushings 25 9/16" C-C. Barra de Torsion Completa con Bujes 25 9/16" C-C